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Get to know the story of our family!

We have been producing honeys for nearly a 100 years.

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    Fulmer diary

    Stories about the difficulties of making the best honeys

    It is well known that honey is counterfeited on a huge scale, and the counterfeits come in huge quantities from all over the world, mostly from the Far East. The press is full of c...
    They are kind, open, tolerant, and concerned [?] interesting [?] people. The 20- to 30-year-olds I’ve met are all well-educated.The towns are mostly made up of old, ’Stalinist-bar...
    At the same time as building the camp, we started beekeeping in mid-May. We had no time to waste, the flowering starts in May and lasts until mid-July. After that everything dries ...


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    The Fulmer story

    We have been producing our honeys for nearly a hundred years, according to the legacy of our grandfathers, with conscience and ever-increasing expertise.

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    Our heritage

    How does our honey get better every year? The answer lies in our family.

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    Our values

    Real honey is an essential part of our proper nutrition system due to the many trace elements, minerals and biologically active substances it contains.

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    Fulmer Expedition

    Creating the world's most unique honeys is a huge adventure and struggle, but we accepted the challenge.

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