Fulmer honey

The Fulmer story

With tradition and care

Our maternal great grandfather, Gyorgy Fulmer

He founded his apiary in 1929 with just a few bee families. Later, our grandfather, Ferenc Takács, also started his own, similar business.

In 1959 the two beekeeping families merged

With Maria Fulmer (the daughter of Gyorgy Fulmer) and Ferenc Takacs's marriage

The third generation of Fulmer-family

In addition to the further development of his own beekeeping, Ferenc Fulmer begins to package and sell the honey of his beekeeping friends

His plan was crowned with huge success, as we now package and sell not only our own honey, but also that of our beekeeping friends (from Gibraltar to the mountains of Central Asia) in more than 30 developed countries of the world.

The new generation is getting on the stage

Nowadays, in our father's footsteps, we, the fourth generation, carry on honey production.

All our efforts serve the purpose of bringing the perfect honey made by bees to our consumers' tables "without any damage". That's why we produce our special honeys in places far from civilization, perfect for bees, and that's why we package the fruits of the labor of our beekeeper friends with the most advanced technology. Thus, Fulmer honeys retain all their important values.

We have nearly 100 years of beekeeping experience

We provide worldwide availability to the incredible richness, found in the values and flavours of fully natural honey.


Our mission is to provide access to the incredible values of fully natural honey.