Those who do beekeeping are breathing with nature. They are part of the eternal cycle, governed by archaic processes that have shaped the majestic harmony of nature over millions of years. With creating Fulmer Amirkaal Honey, we have undertaken no less a challenge than to establish a honey that is as close as possible to this ancient harmony.

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We have came closest to the ancient harmony of nature among enormous mountains in the heart of Central Asia, in valleys untouched by human civilisation. We infused into each bottles of our limited edition Fulmer Amirkaal Honey with the essence of this harmony. The result is the most extraordinary honey we could have created.

  • 500.00€ / 600g

2-3 Days

Expected: 2024-05-29
Colour: Dense, light, slightly textured character
Taste: Timetravel to the dawn of nature, through the taste buds
Aroma: Complex, rich, exotic
The Fulmer Amirkaal Honey is like nothing else. For nearly 100 years, our family has been searching and researching for a way to bottle the experience of the symbiosis of unspoilt nature and bees in their ancient freedom. With wholehearted respect for our ancestors and our past, we can say that we have never been so close to creating the holy grail of beekeepers, the perfect honey.
We recommend the consumption of Fulmer Amirkaal Honey in its simple way, so that all the treasures of nature that it contains can be enjoyed. At the same time, we know that honey is one of the oldest mainstays of human nutrition and can be an excellent accompaniment to other foods.


For decades, we have been traveling the world in search of places that are located in untouched regions far from human civilization. In places where the cycle of nature takes place as undisturbed as it did thousands of years ago.


In the mountains of Central Asia, we found Amirkaal, the lost paradise of flowers and bees. The idea took years to come to reality, but a camp was finally built, allowing Team Fulmer members working there in symbiosis with the environment.


Our goal was to make honey the way bees have always made it. Hives carved out of the oldest logs, devoid of any modern materials, have helped the bees to reach perfect happyness and balance, to produce the most immaculately natural and clear honey


Bee colonies living with the spirit of ancient freedom make honey for long months among the endless peaks. It is this freedom that makes Fulmer Amirkaal Honey so unique: every drop of honey contains the complexity and the untouched purity of nature.

Fulmer Amirkaal Honey was born in limited quantity from the harmony of man and nature, and therefore only 500 individually numbered bottles are available.

Fulmer Expedition

Since 1929, the Fulmer family has preserved the ancient harmony that results in pure, delicious, nutrient-rich honey. Knowledge was passed down from generation to generation in the family, and one of the most important elements of this family tradition is the constant research and discovery of nature.

During our expedition, we covered hundreds of thousands of square kilometres of mountains, valleys and plateaus in search of the perfect location for our hives. Our goal was to produce a honey like the bees have always done: in endless fields of flowers, in crystal clear air without being disturbed by anyone.

Among Asia's unparalleled and impressive mountain ranges, Amirkaal creates a hidden, mystical and self-contained world.