Fulmer creamy honey collection
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Fulmer Creamy Honey Collection  Fulmer Creamy Honey Collection  Fulmer Creamy Honey Collection 
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Fulmer Creamy Honey Collection

This collection offers the best of cream honeys. Immune-boosting gourmet package for even the sweetest of palates.

The Creamy Honey Collection:

Maple cream honey - 350g

Sunflower cream honey - 500 g

Linden cream honey - 500 g

Lavender cream honey - 350 g

Rosemary cream honey - 350 g

  • 53.00€ / 2,050g

If there was a butterscotch of spring, it would be maple cream honey; The energy of summer in this exciting, fruity Sunflower cream honey; The freshness and aroma of linden makes it a soft creamy honey; The purple and green harmony of the lavender fields enclosed in this bottle of Lavender cream honey; The capital CREAM experience, with soft sweetness and aromas in Rosemary cream honey.