Rosemary Cream Honey
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Rosemary Cream Honey  Rosemary Cream Honey 

Rosemary Cream Honey

The real speciality of this honey is that, unusually for rosemary honey, it has a perfectly soft, smooth, even crystallisation. Carefully jarred, Fulmer Rosemary Cream Honey thus gives you a creamy experience that is inimitable. The taste experience is also characterised by soft, balanced sweetness and aromas. The former will be appreciated by children with a sweet tooth, the latter by adventurers who like to explore hidden, soft and varied flavours.
  • 15.00€ / 350g

Rosemary honey is mainly known and used in Mediterranean food culture. It is a source of important phytochemicals including rosmarinic acid, camphor, caffeic acid, ursolic acid, betulinic acid, carnosic acid and carnosol. These acids endow this natural honey with powerful antioxidant properties.