Organic honeycomb in wooden frame
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Organic honeycomb in wooden frame 

Organic honeycomb in wooden frame

The most natural form of the justly popular acacia honey of the Hungarian forests is offered by this honey. Without any human intervention that would disturb the structure of the honey, the spleens are packed in their most complete and natural form on a wooden frame.
  • 8.39€ / 150g

Colour: Light, transparent
Taste: light, silky taste
Aroma: unobtrusive, soft floral scent
The unique flavour and the pleasant aroma of the world-famous Hungarian acacia honey is popular for a reason. Its high quality and purity is ensured by the abundant nectar from the acacia trees of the magnificent Hungarian forests, which our bees love to collect. We are on a mission to make this natural treasure available in the most natural form possible, and to promote the gastronomic and health benefits of high quality honey consumption. A special method is needed to package acacia honey in beeswax in an almost intact state. Precisely sized wooden frames are placed in the hives to give the bees the ideal shape and surface area to build the spleen directly into. The wooden frames can be removed without human intervention that would disturb the structure of the honeycomb. A thin propolis coating, formed by the bees, can also be observed on the wooden frames, which are reddish in colour.